Essay on The Advantages Of Playing An Instrument

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The Advantages of Playing an Instrument
The aspects of music and brain development have always gone hand and hand, and a very interesting yet common topic among those who study or partake in music has arisen as a well know truth that learning a musical instrument can better develop certain areas of the brain. Now, already stating that the correlation between music and brain growth as a fact might seem like a risky move but there is more behind this topic than is visible if we step aside to view the many comments and sub statements about music and the brain. First off, the main entries and studies showing the bulk of the information on this topic are centered on children, yet adults are also able to reap the cranial benefits of learning an instrument. Alongside that statement there is also the many benefits gained through varying types of musical instruction. Concert and private lessons both develop their own areas and regions of the brain because they engage different tasks and intern develop a stronger use of brain tasks that they use in their particular branch of music. My task in this essay is to examine the different aspects behind learning an instrument and also explore parallel subjects to this topic to not only bring attention to the statement that learning music at a young age improves cranial development but also I wish to make this essay into a source of new knowledge to provide new aspects of this into discussion.
Onto another note, my motives behind this essay…

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