Essay on The Advantages Of Online Journalism

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The advantages of online journalism in China

Online journalism has thoroughly changed the way that how the traditional news is reported, written, designed and delivered in China. Less barriers to entry, unique convergence of text, audio, video, picture, information and comments, unlimited news display, rapidly spread, lowered distribution costs, and diverse online networking technologies, these incomparable features have led to the widespread practice of online journalism.

According to CNNIC Statistical Report on Internet Development in China (2015), as of the end of June 2015, China had 668 million Internet users, with an increase of 31.17 million; the Internet penetration rate reached 48.8%, up 3.0% year on year. Meanwhile, after being practice for over 15 years, the utilization rate of online journalism had reached 80.0%, and there were over 519 million people in China use online journalism and approximately 415 million people use online journalism mobile APP to keep up with the latest news, nearly one-third of China 's population. On the basis of a Pew Research enter Report, currently, 65% of youth primarily access the news via the internet especially for the young people aged 18 to 29.

At present, the majority of online journalism in China is ruled by four different types of websites or organizations: the Central news website (, the local news websites (e.g., the comprehensive portal news website (e.g.…

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