Deafness And Hearing Aids

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Hearing aids
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Figure 1 (hearing aid)

If people wear hearing aids then they must have a problem with their ears, and the one major dis-advantage that led people using hearing aids is deafness, now people may ask what deafness is. Well it is a disease that might hit you when new babies are born, or sometimes when you here a loud sound like an explosion that’s in front of you, furthermore, if deafness hits you it might be either mild, moderate or sometimes profound; it can effect either one ear or two ears, and if people lose their hearing ability they would have a really tough time with conversational speeches and low or loud sounds.

Deafness has many types; for example: the number one most common deafness type is conductive deafness, it means that sound waves cannot pass through the middle ear and the inner ear then to the cochlea through
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Everything in life dis-advantges and advantages; and same goes for hearing aids, in the good side of hearing aids is: hear stuff better for far places, easier to talk in conversations, easier to learn, and theirs something new to hearing aids called targeted amplification which allows you to know who the specific person is talking to you if your in a group of people you can know which person is talking to you, on the other hand theirs a bad side for hearing aids: its very costy, very high priced; if you want the best hearing aids they could cost you $2000 per piece! Another is when you are not comfortable with your hearing aids, and last but not least maintanance

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