The Advantages Of Conservation For Art Objects And Heritage Essay

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The advantages of conservation for Art objects and heritage not only offer an opportunity to understand the history of art, it takes any country to the world map if done with rigour and skill. Anshita Arora draws a thin line between the day-to-day conservation of Art Objects and lists some commendable works that are under process the world over.

Why do all of us preserve movies in a DVD format, and also in a hard disk for a back-up? Or why do we pay that extra money to the photo studio for any marriage album of our dear ones? The answer is straight. We want to preserve it for a life-time to cherish the moments forever. Similarly, the bigger picture is the conservation for Art objects such as sculptures, paintings, and heritage buildings; or says a painting by Amrita Shergil, Jamini Roy and Nandlal Bose and a wheel of the Black Pagoda at the Sun Temple etc. Give it a thought. It 's a busy life and an age of iPads and Facebook where everything is digital and going viral is the key to all communications that has less chances of getting dilapidated but an Ajanta or a Qutb Minar, to cite some living monuments of India, are exposed to almost every kind of atmospheric changes in a day-to-day basis. If those won 't be preserved, the coming breed can only read about those, say, in text books or in the era of digital age, at their respective official websites.
To retain that touch & feel experience, and take the legacy of the historic heritages of a country, and to put it…

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