Breastfeeding Theory

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Introduction In this theory paper I will be talking about the self-efficacy in breastfeeding. According to the research the World Health Organization (WHO) and the United Nations Children 's Fund (UNICEF) that breastfeeding is a cheap and unique method to feed a baby to infant that has money benefits for the mother, child, family and the entire society (Khobar, Saudi Arabia et. al., 2015 p.9) . In many other study 's they have noted that there are advantages and some disadvantages of breastfeeding. I am hoping to start a breastfeeding group for pregnant thru 2 years of breastfeeding to give mothers help and support that they need. The population is in Saint Lawrence County and in setting there is many things like farming, plus a lot of the …show more content…
Lawrence County. The are is about 2,685 square miles and the population is 111,931 and about 10,000 are college students. They have WIC that has a peer breastfeeding counselors and potsdam hospital has a laction specialist. There for, the setting would be perfect for starting a breastfeeding groups. The population will be pregnant thru 2years breastfeeding mothers. Great for growing, and boards canadian. A lot of the land is farm land, which is great for growing crops and raising farm animals. The other population that make up a lot of the population is school age and college students.

Behavior The Breastfeeding group will help learning, modeling the correct way to breastfeed so that it doesn 't hurt the mother. And educated the mothers about the benefits for her and the child. We also educate and show how easy breastfeeding is compared to formula feeding. In most of the article that I read said “ that breastfeed was the easier way to go.” There is many behavior associated with breastfeeding and some of the behaviors that learned are how to correctly aline the baby to the breast, how to make the lactate so that it doesn 't hurt and how to breastfeed in public and at night when your tired.

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Favorable in women who breastfeed (Jacobson and Jackson 2006). Breastfeeding in public was seen as risking public disapproval, and two participants stated that they had been asked to stop breastfeeding, one in a super marker cafe and one in prison waiting room. The breastfeeding group will focus on public breastfeeding and the right of mothers to do so in public and feel comfortable breastfeeding. The emotional state of people not like women to breastfeed in public places, so made women feel uncomfortable and that why most women choose to formula

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