The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Technology

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Not every school has the aptitude or resources to deem their system a technology school. Those who have the privilege to do so, have some major advantages. Technology is a fundamental aspect of society today, we need to embrace the fact that it is drastically relevant and use it to our advantage. However, it needs to be used correctly in order to be an effective resource. Technology, if used accurately, can establish great connections and be an effective way of communication—on a small scale, and on a broader spectrum. It gives students a more hands-on learning approach, being able to participate more intently, and it can give students skills that would be hard to attain otherwise.
Imagine walking into the classroom one day and instead of
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Students are raised knowing how to operate technology, they have already developed those skills. Instead of shutting those down, we should be helping those to flourish. And establishing new skills, through the use of our technology. Of course, nothing will ever beat the good old fashioned book, but technology is useful in many ways if we use it correctly. If we do not, we risk the destruction of interpersonal skills. Technology such as Facebook, Twitter, and phone communication can, and will defeat the concept of face to face communication if we are not cautious in our use. If we can use it correctly however, it can be a very valuable resource in our education system. Technology can help establish research, critical thinking, problem solving, and organizational skills. Research skills are critical to have as a high school student, and even more so as a college student. Critical thinking and problem solving skills are substantial in finding a career, as that is something exceedingly important and something future employers look for. Organizational skills can be taught through programs as simple as spreadsheet design applications—and those skills can be used all throughout life. In school, in career, even in personal life later on. Technology can and will promote the establishment of new

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