Technology In An Educational Setting

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Technology has become a vital part in everyone live in today’s society, but the place where it has more of an impact is in the educational setting. Using technology in an educational setting is a process that most schools and universities around the world are adopting. There is many advantages and disadvantage of technology in an educational setting. Technology has taken over this planet and it seems that every school in the United States seems to be switching to the new era where iPads, gadgets, and laptops seems all but a norm in a regular class setting. Society seems to be fascinated by the new technological advances we had in the last couple of years and how it keeps on improving for the better. Technology keeps on improving every six …show more content…
Since most children in today’s generation are visual learners. Lessons that showcased in a visual format it allow you to experiment more with your pedagogy. Having smart boards and PowerPoint’s is perfect gadgets to have for those types of students. Using Technology can make learning easy and a bit quicker with the help of videos and online sources that appeals to the students because not every student believe the text book is the best method to learn from. There are plenty of students who require creativity for their brain to comprehend the material. The best thing about having technology in the educational settings it’s able to help students learn in a creative manner. Furthermore technology allows you to gain access to the internet and can provide you with instance answers for the students who might be extra curious, so not knowing a certain answers shouldn’t be a problem for you and having that awkward answer of “ I don’t know” shouldn’t be a problem. In addition to that technology can also make an impact and be a teacher best friend. There are plenty of software that helps you put up quizzes, test, and activities for the students to do using ipads or computers. Instead of using the old fashion paper and pencil test and quiz, using a gadget to complete test can make a teacher workload a lot better because of the fact that software can correct the test without using up your time …show more content…
It’s best to educate the students on how to use the Technology for educational purposes. Teachers must have a clear plan on what they want to achieve when trying to implement technology in a classroom settings and helps them better prepare them for any advances in technology. Technology will always be advancing and evolving to meet our needs and standards it will make life easier for the students who have hard time learning, prepare students, and help the teacher as well. Technology in the educational setting will always complement each other well to help the students’ learners. It’s up to the teacher to manage the technology appropriately and use them to their full potential. In today’s world we live in an era where technology is all around us and well part of our everyday life. It is up to us to take these future innovations and make them better for everyone to make the world and the classroom a better place for the students and teachers, so that everyone can benefit the new technological

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