Disadvantages Of Attending College Essay

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In today’s society there is a growing amount of pressure and expectation for students to go directly to college after receiving their high school diploma. Many oppose directly attending college due to the rising cost of tuition and the fact that earning a degree does not guarantee a job. These disadvantages do not compare to the overwhelming advantages of attending college. While attending college you obtain knowledge, experience, and a greater chance at employment while also gaining skills and traits that the classroom cannot teach such as striving for success and independence.
The first and most obvious benefit of attending college is furthering your education and gaining knowledge on a subject you are passionate about. A college degree proves to not only your employers but also yourself that you have obtained the necessary information and mastered the necessary practices to be successful in the desired field. In the college system today, schools can become accredited. To be an accredited university, “A college
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According to the National Center for Educational Statistics, there is a favoring trend towards employment rate for those with higher levels of education over those who did not earn a degree. In 2014, the employment rate was 41.5% than that of a high school graduate. Your chances of keeping a job are also greater. Because you’re knowledgeable and experience gained from going to college, you are able to effectively and adequately excel expectations. Not only are your chances of getting hired greater, so is your average income. According to the United States Census Bureau, college graduates with a bachelor’s degree make on average 1 million dollars more in their lifetime than a person with a high school diploma. Although initially paying for college can be very expensive, the return is much

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