The Advantages And Disadvantages And Cons Of Social Media Communication

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Register to read the introduction… As the communication coordinator using the radio can help ease the situation by reinforcing that the issue will be taken care off and also, opens a decision about the issue and what steps are being taken to ensure the general public that this problem will never happen again. Using the television has great advantage of discussing these issues. As a communications coordinator allow yourself to be live on TV with different talk show hosts or news channels allow the company to show concern, emotion and integrity about the issue to the public. Using television has the same disadvantages of face-to-face communication. Television and radios are considered as mass media. Some of the advantages of mass media are that there are large-scale population communication, uniform messages, fast dissemination of information, and wide variety of media tools. Being a communications coordinator the most effective way of …show more content…
HIPPA was implanted to protect all patient healthcare information. An individual must authorize any organization to use their health care information. But there are a few exceptions. So, as communications coordinator for a drug manufacturer company, the first step to make sure that there is no breach in HIPAA is that there will be no patient information used in any form of communication unless authorized by the patient. In the HIPAA privacy act all hospitals and health organizations must have a written authorization from the patients to share their information with any drug manufacturing company. Being the communications coordinators have to make sure when using electronic communication that having authorization to use an individual email from the individual is important because under HIPAA e-mail is considered PHI (protected personal health

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