The Advancement Of The Communication System Essays

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The advancement of the communication system has transformed the way information is broadcasted, as well as how society perceives information. Knowledge and news was once acquired through newspapers and oral interactions, unlike our modern reliance on corporate media outlets to distribute and prioritize news. Media outlets have a huge influence on society, considering they present the most amount of information in a timely fashion. Corporate media exploits the minds of the public and frame the narrative around contemporary issues, in order to produce dominant forms of knowledge to ensure social control.
Media outlets have the power to alter public perception on specific news by narrowing issues with a biased-perspective, in order to defend their interests. For example, a study in 2010 indicated that Fox News “takes a dismissive tone toward climate change and interviews much larger number of doubters than believers”(Bartlett 9). This tactic exemplifies how the broadcasting of Fox News is framing the issue of climate change as not important. Moreover, this example reveals a perspective that defends the ideologies of Fox executives and stockholders who rely on the broadcasting to portray a specific perspective that keeps the majority blinded from threatening issues. Mass media avoids the scientific research to confuse the public. These biased views are a result of deregulation, which was proposed during the Reagan Administration. With the rampant increase of corporate power, the…

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