The Advancement Of Technology Is An Ever Increasingly Steep Exponential Curve

1400 Words Dec 9th, 2016 6 Pages
The advancement of technology is an ever increasingly steep exponential curve; each day, millions of people build upon each other 's creations and theories, combining and creating until we are upon the precipice for revolutionary change. 3-Dimensional printing is the culmination of recent engineering developments, software sophistications and a growth in ideas that facilitated printing to driven to this level. Through the meticulous and specialize designing and creation of a 3-D printed object, medical professionals can create personalized solutions for patients needs, optimize previously existing treatments and as the knowledge and technology becomes more widespread and evolves, will soon transform the way we approach medicine. Traditionally, printing is making an ink-stained impression upon an object to show the desired design. To reconcile this idea of printing with what is being developed today, consider that the act of pressing the ink into the page is actually leaving a minuscule layer on top of the surface. 3-D printing just extends the height of the layer, and adds many more layers on top of it to achieve the final result. 3-D printing is the process of taking a digital rendering of an object (through a scanner or digital design) and using additive manufacturing facilitated through a computer program to produce a three-dimensional object. Additive manufacturing is the technique of synthesizing a product through successive layers of a material being stacked on top of…

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