Essay The Advancement Of Human Civilization

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The advancement of human civilization is due to one key human ability, the ability to adapt to their current situation. Collectively we analyze our environment, focus on the issue at hand, and develop a strategy to fix the problem. It has been the repetition of this cycle that has driven great achievements in many fields, such as technology and education. But some have criticized the execution of this process in the educational system. Cathy Davidson, in her piece “Project Classroom Makeover” explores the role of technology in our educational system, and reflects on how it may be underutilized. She is one of many who have realized that system is one that was manufactured for a different age, and it requires and update. With the increasing involvement of technology in our social and everyday life, it is almost expected for it to have a role in educating our student body. But because of the stagnation of the level of relevance of technology in education, the benefits of a modern system are lost. 21st century technology allows education to be a resource available to everyone, no longer is it something passed by word of mouth, but through the intricacies of the web. You can view our nation’s schooling system as a puzzle that is one piece away from completion. But the only problem is that we have two unused pieces. Our leaders have decided to attempt to force one piece in, instead of trying both. They insist that if they keep trying it will eventually fit. In reality the unused…

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