The Adulthood And Leaving Childhood Essay

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THESIS: When one thinks of coming of age, there is a mixed feeling- attaining adulthood and leaving childhood. The quest to do this either by conforming to the norms or becoming the tainted one depends on the choices one makes. Rites of passage to adulthood holds a strong stance when it comes to transitioning from a child to an adult; while some cultures have a major celebration for these, others simply do not, yet some others believe this can be achieved by rebelliousness, even if it is for a short time.
I. Coming of age is something teenagers desire.
A. Transitioning to adulthood is viewed differently based on belief and culture
B. Rites of passage to adulthood may come with a price, especially for those that associate it with rebelliousness.
II. The narrator of Greasy Lake describes their favorite place to hang out
A. A place of cleanliness is replaced by filth and dirt
B. Various tainted activities occur here, making it a fun place for the bad characters
III. It takes a process to be bad
A. The route to the dark greasy place is not straight
B. There is a place bad person would rather be
IV. Challenges makes one a better person
A. People learn from their mistakes
B. Better decisions are made after a bitter experience

Ololade Ogunnaike
Professor Lampert
English 1302
17 June 2016
Greasy Lake: Setting Literary Analysis
There is a lot more to coming of age. There are responsibilities and there are consequences of actions just as in the short story analyzed in…

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