The Adoration Of The Shepherds Essay

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This painting got me admiring it which looked artificial where it was godly and that painting is “The Adoration of the Shepherds” by Joachim Antonisz Wtewael. The Painting is located at The Legion of Art under the galleries of countless Renaissance Pieces and Baroque pieces that all have resembling quality that resemble the one I choose. The Piece that I choose is an Oil on Canvas which was created in 1598-1599 from a Dutch Artist Wtewael. The piece got my attention for having a similar style like of Caravaggio 's by making his painting emotional and full of dramatic postures, but one main difference was that Wtewael’s painting looked artificial with its colors and bodies while before the renaissance made their paintings realistically . The pieces of both artist differ as they are not in the same period and have various differences that bring their art pieces to their own time periods. According to old masters gallery “Joachim Wtewael was the leading exponent of Italian Mannerism in the Netherlands”(2) due to his “immediate experience with ancient and Italian art and especially with Bolognese mannerism, gathered during his extensive travels through Italy between 1586 and 1592”(2). Wtewael paintings were in high demand, due to his Surrealist style that was put into each of his paintings. His paintings were in such high demand that his paintings were expensive, and Wtewael tried to keep up and did so by painting “multiple repetitions of his compositions”(2) Wtewael also…

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