The Admissions Decision For Admissions Staff Essay

1010 Words Nov 15th, 2016 5 Pages
At the beginning of the Admissions pitch we were tasked with creating an email or piece of mail to send to perspective students who are juniors in high school. The object of this piece of mail was to convince students to come the Scarlet Preview day on January 16, 2017. The second and most important part of the project was pitching our idea to the admissions staff that would be in attendance on Thursday the 10th of November. The idea was to create a message through a tailored argumentative case that could convince the admissions staff to select the mail to be sent to perspective students. The three main criteria that I will look at when judging the pitches will be; is the message clearly stated and understood, is the pitch organized and full of enough information to understand the concept, and finally was the delivery effective and well-rehearsed. First I want to look at my pitch and judge myself and then I will delve into the top two besides mine, and finally I will decide which pitch was ultimately the best. My groups theme was Luck, and expanding on that the fact that on the Wabash College campus we don’t rely on luck. While our idea was solid and was one of the better ideas presented, our pitch wasn’t as good as it could have been. With some more time and preparation, our pitch could have been the most gentleman like of occasions. One things that our pitch could have used was a rehearsal, in that most of us were reading off of a paper. That said it is important…

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