The Addiction : Causes, Symptoms And Treatment Essay

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The Addiction to Exercise: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment
Living the best life one can possibly achieve is a common objective among humans. To accomplish this, one must reach a beneficial harmony in their physical, mental and emotional health. Exercise is well known for its plentiful habits and can help individuals reach this harmony. Physically, exercise improves muscle tone, lower body fat, blood pressure, and cholesterol, and increases energy. Overtime, the body will be able to work effectively and efficiently with little effort. The mental benefits of exercise allow for a healthier self-esteem, reduce stress levels, and aids in setting and achieving goals. With increased physical and mental boosts, the emotional status of a person who exercises will alter as well. One can expect substantial relief from anxiety and depression while gaining natural mood boosts. However, since these numerous benefits are highly favored, individuals have the propensity to become addicted. This behavior is referred to as an exercise addiction or an abnormal dependency on exercise.
Nature of Exercise Addiction Exercise is implemented by individuals for a variety of physical and psychological benefits. These benefits include improving muscle tone, lowering blood pressure, promoting restful sleep, building self-esteem, and relieving stress (Johnson, 2000). Despite these benefits, some individuals can abuse them, which leads to exercise addiction. Although exercise addiction does not have a…

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