The Actions Of Erwin Rommel From The Other Nazi Officials And Their Disturbing Aspirations And Actions

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During and after the Second World War many leaders, soldiers, and officials of Germany were tried for war crimes because of their in humane practices and policies. Many viewed these Nazi Germans as ruthless savages that lacked any regard for the treatment of their enemies, prisoners, and even their own soldiers. Erwin Rommel was a field marshal that fought for Nazi Germany, leading many successful campaigns throughout Africa and Europe against the allied forces, but he was unlike the other Nazi leaders that surrounded him. Renowned for his humanitarianism, bravery, and leadership, Rommel was viewed as a worthy adversary by his enemies and respected by the soldiers whom he commanded. This paper aims to distinguish and disaffiliate Rommel from the other Nazi officials and their disturbing aspirations and actions. Rommel’s reputation will be defended through personal accounts and analysis of his leadership and strategy style across different campaigns and battles. Rommel’s involvement and knowledge of a plot against the Nazi command will also be covered and utilized in support of his name. Erwin Rommel was born in November of 1891, in the town of Heidenheim, Southern Germany. After enlisting in the military and graduating from the Officer Cadet School in Danzig, he was given the rank of Lieutenant in 1912. Rommel served in the First World War in France and Romania, and this is where his career and reputation as a great military leader began. He was known for his infiltration…

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