The Action Plan - Learner Essay

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Action Plan – Learner
Identify competencies and skills to improve - What do you wish to do better so you can learn more effectively?
There are five skills I hope to improve on in order to learn more effectively. These skills include time management, organization, communication, collaborative relationships, and stress management. Time management is a key skill in order to accomplish tasks in a timely manner. Due to the immense volume of information I need to process, I believe time management will allow me to balance my time and duties. Additionally, organization produces order and structure. This allows the information to be arranged in a sequential manner, so I can be on track. Most importantly, I can see the big picture by organizing the information in a way that makes sense to me. In order to be a good learner, one must also be a good teacher. A good teacher must always be able to clearly communicate. Clear communication allows for ideas to be shared and developed. If the topic is presented in an ambiguous manner, the information is often misinterpreted. Therefore, I hope to improve my communication skills in order to share my ideas in various dimensions for any audience. Alongside communication, the formation of collaborative relationships allows for other learners and myself to deepen our understanding of the topic. Through discussions and an exchange of questions, other learners and I can decipher whether or not we understand the material thoroughly.…

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