The Action Plan And Results Of My Wellness Project Essay example

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Moving into the action plan and results of my wellness project, I can begin to say that it was an up and down process that had positive and negative results. At other times I was able to accomplish my goals for that period I had set and then try to keep on practicing that goal for the rest of time, while on other times it was hard to even try to get 50% of positive results from that goal. As I kept doing more research and learning more things in my Nutrition class, I had to do a lot of modifications when it came to my major goal so that I can benefit from it. First of all, one of my sub goal that was going to help me accomplish my goal was to have breakfast every morning. This had been a major problem for me this semester since I only have 30 minutes for lunch which tends to be a very short time to go and have a proper lunch at food service. This tended to make me end up eating tuna salad. Having breakfast was going to prevent me from getting super hungry thus I could just take a snack in that 30 minutes and be able to go to class. However, my problem was that I tend to go to bed very late so I woke up very late and just rush to class. My goal was to plan or prepare breakfast for myself than to rely on going to eat at food service. I was able to accomplish this on some days but not all days which led to the temptation of eating tuna salad at lunch. With time I was able to do some improvements and due to that, I was able to avoid eating tuna salad.
This goal taught me not…

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