Essay about The Action Of Using Racial Profiling

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when an African American person dies by the police but this was the action of using racial profiling. After all it comes down to the same ending idea what would have been the outcome if Grant was a white person. The court has been able to demonstrate that overall they don’t treat every single case the same way which by law everything should be done by justice a word that only applies to some and not all of us.
According to statistics neighborhoods with concentrated poverty produce more crime and might be reasonable to expect an increase in police activity. Which also falls in the same category as racial profiling because places where poverty is really low are areas where law enforcement is much stricter. Many of the victims who are charged of a crime must attend court and in the low income areas where people struggle with money issues isn’t easy to pay off. Most victims are poor and because of that they will be coming home with a bill to pay and if they don’t get it done soon they could be punished and could mean the begging of a debt. More than half of the victims struggling to survive in poverty area is causing them to not choose the right step to a better living but some people have such a negative view about the inner cities where disproportionate numbers of impoverished and African Americans live but the issue is that everything they accomplish is to help themselves survive. “The high rate of young African American men in prison is due to their adaptation to poverty”…

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