The Action Model And Change Model Schema Essay

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The action model/change model schema is defined as a systematic configuration of stakeholder’s perspective and descriptive assumptions underlying programs, whether they are explicit or implicit (Chen, 2015).
Action Model The action model focuses on the prescriptive assumptions, which deal with the actions that must be taken in order for the desired programmatic changes to occur. The prescriptive assumptions of program theory prescribe those components and activities that the program designers and other key stakeholders see as necessary to a program’s success (Chen, 2015). Low Country Healthy Start and its service workers, which included a team of social workers and counselors were classified as the implementing organization and the implementers. The associate organization/ partners included local health care providers and CAN members. Collaborating with a broad network of partnerships and services within the area was included in the ecological context. The intervention and service delivery protocols for the program included case management, health services, health education, and outreach services. The target population of the program is African American women, children, and their families.
Change Model The Change model focuses on the descriptive assumptions, which deal with causal process that is needed in order for the program to attain its goals. Descriptive assumptions are needed for the success of the program because they control how the program strategies are…

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