Essay on The Act Of Removing A Child

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The act of removing a child from their mother is terrible and unfortunately ontological to black womanhood in the 19th century. Even if a child was not immediately taken or sold, the mother held no legal parental rights. Black women gave birth to many children, but seldom the opportunity to actually raise their own children. These children were treated as property and the mothers as kinless women. The definition of kinless in this context does not merely mean the lack of giving birth to a child, but the removal of a family sphere from black women. Kinlessness allows sons and daughters to be inherited like property. The lack of a family sphere and feelings of oppression, pass through generations making it a natural part of black womanhood beyond the 19th century. This relates to many other topics, one of them being the notion of passing, which is linked to slavery. I will focus on the topic of passing and how it connects to kinlessness and slavery by analyzing part of the 1929 text Quicksand and Passing, written by Nella Larsen. By choosing to pass, rather than fight for race equality, a person joins the racist and discriminatory systems of the time. By doing so, passers voluntarily separate themselves from their cultural history, and raise children completely unaware of their actual racial identity. In her novella, Larsen tells the story of two biracial women and how one of them chooses to leave her black heritage behind and live life with a new racial identity. The…

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