The Act Of Killing Death Essay

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The act of killing means to cause death. However, the causing of death does not always denote the act being morally wrong. The act of killing does not automatically equate to murder. Murder is the deliberate and premeditated killing of a human being. Moral justifications can be made to several acts that may contradict the legal or religious views of such an act. The following will rank six acts of killing on a spectrum in terms of morality. Six is the least immoral act and one is the most immoral. After each ranking, there will be an explanation on the moral reasons for its location.
6. Elective Abortion Abortion is a complex issue because the whole argument is usually made reliant on if and when a fetus becomes a human being. This aspect is crucial to such an argument because it is believed that it is only immoral to kill a human being. But this aspect is difficult, if not impossible, to determine as it can be highly dependent on a multitude of one’s beliefs—religious or spiritual, as well as a scientific indications of human life. On one hand, there are people who make the argument that what is conceived by a human is automatically a human upon conception. A fetus shares the same genetic code as its parents and therefore is human. Such an argument would then lead to the conclusion that the deliberate killing of an innocent human fetus is immoral, as it would be equated to murdering a human being. However, people will claim that a fetus is not a human until it can live…

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