The Act Of Animal Testing For Biomedical Research Essay

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The act of animal testing for biomedical research began as early as 500 BC. The known people who had started this were Aristotle and Erasistratus. They performed experiments on living animals. A Greek physician named Galen, who lived from 129-199/217 AD, conducted research on animals to understand studies such as anatomy and pharmacology. A man named Ibn Zuhr was an Arab physician in twelfth century Moorish Spain. He introduced animal testing as a way of practicing medical procedures before actually performing the surgery on humans. However, there has been a growing issue on these practices in our time. Animal testing is cruel and unnecessary, therefore it should be abolished. The growing argument of animal testing began with people uniting together as animal protection and animal rights groups. They worked together to create places that have made laws to make research methods more humane. Debates on this topic have been around since the seventeenth century. As quoted by Theodore Roosevelt in the nineteenth century, “Common sense without conscience may lead to crime, but conscience without common sense may lead to folly, which is the handmaiden of crime.” Basically, this quote means it is foolish to do things that are not humane, or related to crime. Some people believe that cruelty to animals is a crime. People against animal testing say that the benefit to humans does not justify the harm to animals. Animals are also very different than humans in some ways, such as a…

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