Essay about The Act Of A Bedsitting Room

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The appellant surrendered her tenancy of a bedsitting room in a hostel in Leyton on 25 October 2011, whilst pregnant. She then moved into temporary accommodation which ended due to overcrowding in November 2011 and consequently applied to the respondent authority for accommodation as a homeless person under the Housing Act 1996 on 24 November 2011. In February 2012 the appellant gave birth; had she still been living in the hostel in Leyton, she would have then had to leave it in any event as only single persons were permitted to reside there.
During August 2012 the authorities decided they were satisfied the appellant was homeless, eligible for assistance and had priority need, but were also satisfied she became homeless intentionally. In January 2013, a review officer made a decision of the same effect, meaning the appellant fell under s.190(1) of the Housing Act 1996. This was on the basis that by surrendering her tenancy of the hostel in Leyton she had ceased to occupy accommodation available for her occupation, which it would have been reasonable for her to continue to occupy until she gave birth. This decision was made following the earlier decision in Din v Wandsworth London Borough council. The appellant’s contention that she would have had to leave the hostel in any event when she gave birth was regarded as irrelevant.

The issue raised in this appeal was whether the review officer was entitled to be satisfied the appellant became homeless intentionally, given that…

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