The Achievements Of The Women Of Ku Klux Klan

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The border states between the North and South faced a migration of African Americans attempting to begin a life anywhere except under the oppression of Jim Crow and the bleak conditions of the postbellum South. As extremist movements and relational events occurred throughout the nation, urban areas experienced a renaissance of black culture. Was this period truly the “birth of a nation?” As black culture graced America with music, art, and literature, white Protestant women attempted to gain equality within their sphere of achieved status of a fraternal hierarchy. Through Kathleen Blee’s extensive research and publication of Women of the Klan, a wealth of information can be obtained regarding women’s roles in politics, education, and …show more content…
Although Blee’s bias against the extremist group is obvious, she tactfully addresses the accomplishments of the women of Ku Klux Klan. Blee argues that “it was financial opportunism that shaped the Klan 's rebirth and a sophisticated marketing system that fueled its phenomenal growth.”[1] Although Klanswomen supported the racial and religious prejudices of their fraternal counterpart, women of the Klan also incorporated various social and political groups into their racial supremacy ideology. However, women were able to muster large groups of women throughout the states, thereby uniting women and organizing political and economic influence, which “expressed feminist aspirations along with their xenophobia and …show more content…
With women teaching hate and racism, terror was nurtured. In an attempt to overcome the oppression of hate, a vibrant culture and entrepreneurship emerged as progressive and reactionary movement towards women’s voices being heard and acknowledged.
“Support for gender equality, in particular, bears an uneasy relation to other progressive political beliefs.” As white women proved their ability to organize and prosper, African American women proved their ability to be an asset to American culture and economics. As women progressed through the hierarchy of wealthy and powerful Anglo men, the birth of a nation was born through the voice of women, an “auxiliary” to the male dominated historical perspective, thereby acknowledging that women do not always need to be

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