Essay on The Achievements Of The Renaissance

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The Renaissance was an important turning point in world history. The accomplishments that arose from that era lasted for a majority of the late 16th century and for part of the early 17th century. As a matter of fact, the events of the Renaissance took place around the same time period of when the world was experiencing its own dramatic changes. Through these rapid changes in lifestyle, society began to be fascinated with anything that seemed to be unconventional and unheard of, or just seemed to fill in that void of constant curiosity. Whether it was being introduced to new concepts, coming up with new inventions, or exploring new territories, people were encouraged to branch outside of their comfort zones for once. Some even went to take the path of becoming world-known explorers. Others took on separate routes to fulfill that vision of theirs.
On the contrary, there were other groups of people who wanted to improve their own world through simple acts and simple hobbies. Such hobbies were ones that involved the arts and the exposure with writing. In European countries such as Italy and France, the Renaissance was already active and present. However, in places such as England, the English people had yet to be affected and influenced by their lively European neighbors. Evidently, the changes that came out of the English Renaissance era did not happen overnight, it did take some time - at least a centuries worth, to be exact. And when that change did happen, the people of…

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