The Achievements And Contributions Of The Ancient Chinese Empire

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Register to read the introduction… First of all, because of the importance of education in Chinese culture, many achievements and advances happened in the area (Shabaka et al., pg. 325). These advances had benefitted the civilization greatly, but at times, it did do some harm (Shabaka et al., pg. 325). One of its achievements was using the merit system as a way to find people suitable to be government officials (Shabaka et al., pg. 327). Now, instead of having people’s class determine their job, their skill and ability determined it (Shabaka et al., pg. 203). There were also many other major achievements in areas such as science, math, literature and the arts (Shabaka et al., pg. 325). In fact the Chinese, developed the idea of negative numbers and other advances in algebra. Many of the inventions we use today were actually invented in the time of ancient China (Crabill, Contributions Ancient China). The compass, silk, fireworks and much more were all developed by the ancient Chinese (Crabill, Contributions Ancient China). Their (ancient China’s) contributions have continued to benefit us today. The trade of China, mainly the Silk Road, had caused a large amount of cultural interaction to occur in ancient China. This cultural interaction helped develop China’s own culture. Their culture was very extremely unique and …show more content…
They make the rules and laws that must be followed after they are passed, but there are still people to keep them in check and make sure they are ruling fairly. Rarely, there comes a time when government begins to become corrupt, but the leader who starts this will be taken out of office if it happens. The government of Aurea Vite is a mix of both a dictatorship and a democracy. There are characteristics of both styles of government in the civilization. The leader has absolute power, but the laws that the leaders want to make and enforce must be voted on by the people. Also, after five years of rule, the emperor must step down and an election occurs to find a new emperor. The civilization is highly urbanized with many cities where business, trade and many other things occur, but there are areas that are rural as well, where they can plant and grow crops in arable land. With the Aurea Vite’s great economic success, social classes began to develop. In this civilization the social classes are: the emperor/ruler, advisers and government officials, wealthy and powerful people, small business owners and other people with jobs paying a decent amount of money, the unemployed and poor, and laborers (not slaves). The people in each social class play a specific role in society that each group must

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