Essay on The Achievement Of The Three Hr Goals

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1. The achievement of the three HR goals, enhancing productivity and quality, complying with legal and social obligations, and promoting individual growth and development, aid an organization in accomplishing the goal of facilitating organizational competitiveness because these three goals allow companies to try and be the best they can be by setting a high standard to compete with each other. Organizations have “recognized the important of productivity and quality for their ability to not only compete, but to survive (Denisi, pg. 14)”. This goes hand and hand with what I learned in my decision making class. My team decided to make a low quality shoe at an expensive price. We never enhanced the quality and this lead to lose a lot of money and decrease productivity because we needed to cut cost. Productivity and quality are important to fostering organizational competitiveness because it allows companies to compete to see what company has the best quality and productivity in certain fields. The team who won the shoe simulation in the decision making class kept enhancing quality shoes and increasing productivity which gave them an edge in the market and allowed them to be competitive with other teams. C

Complying with legal and social obligations aids in the goal of accomplishing organizational competitiveness because when the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was passed it made it clear that HR departments had to follow these laws to have equal opportunity workforce. This law is…

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