The Achievement Of American Students Essay

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The achievement of American students compared to that of students in other countries shows that United States tests lower in math literacy than other countries. Findings show that Asian nations are testing higher in math and science than United States students. It is important to get parents, schools, and the community involved to keep students on track when it comes to building a strong educational system. Student motivation is very important for both the Asian and United States countries. Motivation naturally has to do with a students ' desire to participate in the learning process. High-quality teachers, proper technology, informational textbooks, and parental motivation are a necessity when it comes to helping to improve math education.

Why Do the Children in the U.S. Test Lower in Math than the Children in Asian Countries?
While there is thought that children in Asian countries test higher in math than United States, there is still evidence that children in the United States are showing positive progress on development as well. United States students in low-performing states like Alabama, are doing better on math tests than students from most other foreign countries (Dillon, 2007). Math scores have shown that many Asian Countries were among the participants with students scoring at the top on average in each subject. This suggests that these countries are more equipped with the studies and education than the United States. The students in…

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