Accountable Care Model

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New Zealand is known for the exquisite health service delivery in the world. Support for elderly is usually funded by the government. There are several rest homes that offers safe appropriate care for elderly in the country. The Ministry usually conducts audit reports for all rest homes to ensure proper service delivery and they base it on the standards set out in Health and disability services act 2001. (Ministry of health, 2013)

Elizabeth Knox is one of the most prestigious care home and hospital in Auckland. It is situated at 10 Ranfurly Road, Epsom. This is a charitable trust that has been established in 1911. Support, care and dignity is the slogan that can be seen on the logo and this is based on the mission. Dr Warwick Peacock is
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Knox Home 's physiotherapy service works to improve residents ' strength and mobility. This is essential in maintaining neuro-musculoskeletal systems of the body which helps in improvement of the psychological state of the patient. (Joshi & Kotwal, 1999)

The Accountable care model can also apply for this organisation. Trained staff work on strategy with plan. They work according the patient needs and residents needs. That model run together for amend the calibre and development the organisation (Fisher & Shortell, 2010)
The home have trained staff with experience and qualification. The nurses-in-charge and health care assistants communicate with patients and identify their needs.
Physiotherapist help the residents for rehabilitation to increasing their mobility and strength. (Hassink J & Dijk 2006b). Occupational therapist provide fun and stimulating activities such as guerrilla knitting, gardening
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(Elizabeth knox Home Hospital, 2014c). However, there are instances that it is not applied. As observed there are times that one health care assistant is responsible to do the care for 10 residents. This stressed the health care assistant as this person is limited with time with so many works to do on their own.
Health care assistant give the personal care like dressing, food, bath and bed making as well (Elizabeth knox Home Hospital, 2014d). They assist with the patient overall comfort.
There is one of dietician that provide the diets according to health status of the patient. Dietician assess the nutritional needs and develop the dietary care plan. Dietician monitor the food services like quality of the food, quantity of the food, sanitation also( Tokuc et al.,2009).
The organisation able to do work under the top down bottom up approach like lots of the information can get from the care giver or

The organisation which we have chosen offers several care schemes to its clients according to their needs and medical condition. These services are Interim care, Young disabled care, Palliative care, Respite care, Rest home, and Hospital

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