Essay about The Accomplishments Of Benjamin Franklin

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Benjamin Franklin, one of the most distinguished founding fathers, influenced a notable part of the way society is today and, set a great example of how life is to be lived, by doing good to others. That is exactly what Franklin did, through his work as a writer, printer, publisher, diplomat, philosopher and scientist he developed a remarkable respect for himself. At a young age, he had a thirst for knowledge and was eager to learn about all that he could through the writings of other authors. Benjamin Franklin was born in Boston, 1706, to two supportive parents that sent him to Grammar school and George Boswells School. He learned to read and write proficiently and, over the years became excellent at this task, writing dozens of pamphlets and later publishing and printing his own newspaper, The Pennsylvania Gazette. At age twelve he became an apprentice to his brother James, a printer and publisher of The New England Courant. At the age of seventeen he sailed to Philadelphia. Living at Philadelphia opened a lot of doors for Franklin and, although Governor Keith broke his promise of opening Bens own printing business, he lived there a while and grew into an independent and intelligent young man. Not only was Franklin chosen as public printer of Pennsylvania, but he also established the American Philosophical Society, The Union Fire Company, the very first library in the U.S, and Poor Richards Almanac, which became his most famous and well-known publication. Benjamin…

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