Essay on The Accident Of A Crane

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A crane has collapsed, with only minor injuries to workers that could be treated at the company’s nurse’s office. Depending on the level of care, the injuries may make the mishap reportable in that sense, but regardless it should be investigated as a near-miss mishap since employees could have been severely injured or killed. Additionally, there is word that OSHA has been called by an employee complaining that this is an imminent danger situation. Although supervisors, engineers, and I as the EH&S professional are assessing the damage, the first thing that should additionally be done is to cordon off the area to any other workers and discontinue further work with the crane until the danger can be determined. I would leave the engineers to keep assessing the damage, but I would pull the supervisors aside so they may deal with the hourly employees. I would want the hourly employees to know that the crane work has been discontinued, and I would want to interview the employees to see what happened leading up to the mishap. I would let the workers know that OSHA may come to visit and that they may be interviewed by an OSHA inspector. I would also let them know they may have a representative with them if they desire during the interview and that if they refuse to speak to the inspector that the OSHA representative may subpoena them. I would approach the facility manager and inform him that OSHA will likely be visiting and the seriousness of an imminent danger inspection. I would…

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