The Acceptance Of Homosexuality On Society And Religion Essay

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Durkheimian Analysis of the Acceptance of Homosexuality in Society and Religion
Homosexuality continues to be condemned by societies, especially religious ones; many view it as unnatural, immoral, uncivilised and fleshly. A new movement has given the perspective of homosexuality to be innate, natural and rather something part of a person’s being. The change in idea from certain individuals is creating a shift in the entire society, which shows how individuals make up society as much as society makes up the individual. This interesting dynamic can be applied to Durkheim 's theory of the dualism of human nature. One part of nature being the body which is profane and the other part being the soul which is sacred, both conflicting with one another. Also, the idea of society not capable of existing without the individual. Durkheim 's theories of the duality of human nature apply to society condemning homosexuality through religion because through the eyes of society the bodies profanity has lead to homosexuality and the religious soul rejects it. This creates the conflict Durkheim speaks about. What is interesting though is the shift in this view to homosexuality as part of who a person is, and it becoming accepted even in certain religions. Through understanding that everyone 's senses are unique we are able to slowly accept individuality whiles simultaneously exchanging ideas, which we all share, to get to the point where we as a society can agree or disagree on the issue of…

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