Essay on The Accelerated Reading Program For A Young Child At School

729 Words Oct 13th, 2016 3 Pages
As a young child at school, we had the Accelerated Reading Program. It was a program that encouraged children to read various books, and then after to take a quiz based on the books. This program really helped me, because the program pushed me to read more. Since I am bilingual, learning two languages as a child was a bit challenging for me, and learning how to read was even harder. I would sometimes mix up letters, vowels, and sometimes talk in Russian when I was supposed to talk in English. Reading was difficult for me, and unlike most good readers, I was put into a reading group that helped my reading and writing. However, my friends would always ask me where I was going, and why I was always missing recess. I was quite embarrassed to tell them, and often sad, because the reading group was during recess and recess was my favorite. Nonetheless, the Accelerated Reading Program and the Reading class encouraged me to read more and ultimately helped me become a much better reader. Becoming a better reader really helped me to learn how to love reading. I would love to go to the school library to pick out a new set of books. The school library only let students check out two books, so I started going to the Pierce County Library to get all the books I wanted. Getting more books meant more points for the Accelerated Reading Program. Every month we would need to set up a goal, and try to reach that goal, and if the set goal was met, there would be amazing prizes, such as donut…

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