The Abuse And Neglect Of Elders Essay

1802 Words Dec 5th, 2016 8 Pages
Isn’t it scary to think that one of your elder family members that is in long term care can be suffering from abuse and neglect? These members of your family can be suffering and you may never even know it. Research in previous years has shown that thousands of elder Americans suffer from abuse and neglect every year. Whether people want to think about this or not, it is a serious issue and a growing concern as the number of individuals that will require some type of long term care is growing. Abuse of elders can occur in many different forms such as physical, emotional and sexual abuse, neglect, exploitation, and abandonment. Abuse and neglect of elders can occur in any aspect of long term care including home health care and skilled nursing facilities. There are some patients that are more likely than others to suffer from abuse and neglect. Research and prior incidents are providing family and others involved in an elder’s care with possible signs of abuse to look for. Since there have been so many cases of elder abuse and neglect new legislation is arising to help end elder abuse and neglect and to better protect the elder population. To begin we should define what long term care is and what it involves. Singh the author of Effective Management of Long-Term Care describes long term care as a variety of individualized and well-coordinated total care services. He says these services are designed to support the needs of people living with physical or mental deficits that…

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