The Absurd Considering The Book `` Aftermath `` By Susan J Brison

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The absurd in philosophy refers to the conflict between the tendency of men to seek inherent meaning and value in the life that one lives and the inability to find any. The Absurd arises out of this constant confrontation between the unreasonable world’s silence and the human need for purpose and meaning. Thus, human beings must live in a world that is indifferent towards them or altogether forever hostile. As Camus observes, the world will never care for humanity the way that man wants it to (Foley, 2008). In this regards, it’s very easy to highlight the absurdity of man’s quest for purpose. Hence, it is common to want to believe that everything that affects a person has a purpose, a higher reason for existence. But that only raises more questions, especially those to do with what is the reason of that purpose? And each new purpose or meaning must be validated by a higher purpose or meaning. This paper deeply explores the philosophical concept of the Absurd considering the book “Aftermath” by Susan J Brison.
Contrary to the views conveyed by popular culture, the Absurd does not simply refer to some simple and vague perception that the modern life is fraught with incongruities, paradoxes and the confusion of the intellect. Instead, the Absurd refers to a fundamental disharmony or a tragic incompatibility in our very existence. In effect, the Absurd is a product of confrontation or collision between our human desire for purpose, meaning and order in life and the…

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