The Absurd And Its Effect On The Future After I Die Essay

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People often wonder what makes them keep getting up in the morning, going through their normal daily routine, and thinking about what they should do or say. They think of, “Does life have any purpose?” or rather, “Do my actions impact anything in the future after I die?” or “What is the importance of my life.” Philosophers have taken on this argument for many years now, and there still isn’t a definitive answer for everyone. Some argue that life is absurd, doesn’t matter, and that were just small entities in a large, meaningless world, while others argue that our lives do indeed have purpose and that we can change the future. These two arguments are the objective point of view arguing against the subjective. The objective meaning that we are just tiny atoms in a large, but mentally empty world, while the subjective meaning that we live in a lush environment filled with meaning. Nagel’s argument in his essay “The Absurd” states that life is mostly absurd and our thoughts and actions don’t actually matter in the grand scheme of things. I disagree with Nagel’s argument, because I believe that life has purpose, and that everyone has some opportunity to change the world or at least the immediate world around him or her. Nagel originally begins to investigate some more typical arguments about the world’s absurdity before contradicting all of them. For example, an argument that often is used on the absurdity of life includes that the human race only have a small amount of…

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