The Abstinence Of Sexual Education?

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Should sexual education be taught in public schools? Should sexual education be abstinence only? These are two great questions that should be addressed, and that every parent should consider when placing their child in a public school. Sexual education has been one of the most controversial topics in education history. Sexual education should be taught in public schools and I do not believe that it should focus only on abstinence. Sexual education is the broad term to describe education about human sexual anatomy, sexual reproduction, sexual intercourse, and other aspects of human sexual behavior. Sexual education is not just that of sex but also the human body and its reaction to change. I think that sexual education will be good for public schools because it educates the younger generation about puberty, pregnancy, and men and women sexual behavior and its changes. Sexual education also opens the door for the younger generation to talk about sex with …show more content…
Placing sexual education in public schools will teach the younger generation about their different body parts and how they react to change when they experience sex. I believe this is important because it has been proven by Stop it now, (which is a website dedicated to stop sexual abuse of children) that most children ask about the sexual behavior of their bodies in between the ages of 10-12 years old. I know most people will say, well that is too young but really it is not. Most children are curious because they see things at home with their parents or relatives, friends, school and even when they are watching TV. The questions that they have are not because they want to have sex but because they are experiencing changes and seeing things and they want answers too. Sexual education can be that resource that will be able to answer the questions that some parents or guardians cannot

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