Essay on The Absolutely True Diary Of A Part Time Indian

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Poverty, unemployment and high rates of suicide, who does this ethnic group toggle memories of (Peralta)? In the unfortunate events of discrimination and prejudice against the First Nations living in Canada and the United States, this holds true when looking back at the past and present day. The famous writer, Sherman Alexie also known as Junior, is able to share and beautifully capture his experiences through his book, The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian. Throughout his novel, he gives lots of insight growing up being Native American, who is hydrocephalic, has a stutter, a lisp and takes a risk to transfer to an all white school (Alexie 1-4). Junior’s decision of transferring schools from his tribe to Reardan, is a poor decision because he never feels that he belongs, people always find a way to pick on him and he disgraces his tribe when he departs.
To start off, Junior’s choice of transferring schools is a detriment because he never feels like he is welcome because he goes in with the mentality that he is physically and mentally different, as a result, he has difficulty fitting in and he feels that the school actively tries to remove his Indian culture. In the first place, during Junior’s transition, he automatically is in the mindset that he is different and inferior to white people. Specifically, in one of Junior’s cartoons on page forty-six, he draws a picture to express his feelings by comparing the outfits and common words that associate with their…

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