The Absolute Horror Of The Holocaust Essay

1480 Words Nov 12th, 2016 6 Pages
The absolute horror of the Holocaust has made it difficult and sometimes controversial to depict it in various forms of media. Two such works of art, Son of Saul and Maus, take very unique approaches to trying to capture the experiences of the Holocaust. Both works share key themes such as the importance of family in maintaining hope and the perpetrator conflict with Jews and Poles. Of course, the two works aren’t exactly the same and there are some major thematic differences. Perhaps the most striking difference is the difference in the identity politics narrative that can be seen in both works. To begin with the major comparisons between both works, one should probably start at the key plot elements that drives Son of Saul and Maus: the titular dead boy and Vladek’s hopes to see Anja, respectively. Both of these plot elements are central to the major theme of both works and the Holocaust in general which is the importance of family in the drive for hope. In the movie Son of Saul, Saul has nearly lost all sense of purpose. He just moves about his day going from one dreadful task to another, showing little expression on his face. He has nearly been drained of all personality. It was not until he stumbled upon his son that he began to snap out of the redundant, day in and day out kind of work. For the rest of the story, Saul’s sole mission is to bury his son in the proper Jewish manner. The sudden change in behavior speaks to the power of family as a motivator in tough…

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