The About The Origin Of Our Great Nation Essay

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Mrs. Erzieher walked proudly to the front of the classroom as my classmates and I settled down on old, rickety lumber benches. I took out my notebook and set it down in front of me. “Good morning, class,” the teacher said, “As many of you know today is history week. We are going to be learning about the origin of our great nation, Friedensstadt.”
“We will start with a short video about ‘Das Ende des Friedens’, otherwise known as World War I.” Mrs. Erzieher wheeled a very old television box to the front of the class. She put in a video cassette and the television sprang to life. Grainy, black and white videos and pictures of war came on the screen, while a narrator said:
“War had broken out across the world. Germany, along with Russia, Ireland, and France, fought against British, Austria, and Hungary. Countless innocent lives had been lost due to this war. People who had no reason for fighting died, solely because of leaders who could not settle their differences. Sons across the nation of Germany were being killed ruthlessly. The people of Friedensstadt call this ‘Das Ende des Friedens’. To some, the war was just something to be dealt with. To to others, it was the call for change. Many people in Germany revolted against this war. They could not tolerate any more violence. Many of these families had sons who selflessly participated in the war, but died in battle. People wanted a change. People wanted peace.”
The video turned off as Mrs. Erzieher walked to the front of the…

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