The Abortion Distortion Of Abortion Essay

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The Abortion Distortion It has been forty two years since the landmark Supreme Court case, Roe v. Wade, when abortion was legalized in all fifty states. In this nearly half a century, the American people have ruminated on the decision to a lengthy extent. Opposed to the court’s decision, many people still strive to impose new laws to prevent needy women from being able to exercise their rights. These opponents call themselves “pro-life” and attack liberty with irrelevant arguments, ignorant claims, and even heavily edited videos. It is evident that the pro-life movement is losing a war it seems like only they are fighting; it is a war based on zero reason or evidence and is an ignorant crusade for nothing. A woman’s right to an abortion has already been decided federally. The state cannot prevent a woman from an abortion during the first trimester, and the mother can continue with it any time after if her life is at stake (Roe v. Wade). It is a woman’s right to privacy under the Ninth Amendment and her right to Due Process under the Fourteenth Amendment that Roe v. Wade has already made clear. So the pro-life movement is a pointless attack on a constitutional law. Not only that, but the attacks come from a ridiculous basis on the First Amendment, that the pro-life movement has the right to oppose the procedure on a religious basis; a religious basis that doesn’t actually have support in the bible. While the pro-life movement is a “moral” movement based on an…

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