The, Aboriginal And Non Aboriginal Students Essay

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When I decided to move up to Thunder Bay from Ottawa in order to earn my teaching degree here at Lakehead, it never occurred to me that I would get to learn about Aboriginal Canadian culture and how to incorporate that culture into my classroom. As I have decided to remain and attempt to find a job in Northern Ontario, I now recognize the importance of my understanding Aboriginal culture. With the likelihood of having both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal students in my classroom, helping to provide them all with an understanding of the key concepts behind Aboriginal life, Aboriginal worldview, Aboriginal identity, Aboriginal learning, and cultural violence, will be beneficial for them as citizens of this shared multicultural society. These significant concepts, as well as their role in both my future teaching methods and content are proof of Canada’s need for further understanding and appreciation of Aboriginal culture. Aboriginal worldview can be portrayed in several different ways. Aboriginal worldview is described by Polly O. Walker (2004) as representing “the deeper levels of culture, the beliefs and values that shape all behavior” (p. 528). This worldview is also defined by Edward T Hall (as cited in Walker 2004) as “the underlying, hidden, levels of culture…a set of unspoken, implicit rule of behavior and thought that control everything we do” (p. 528). Hall also states that Aboriginal worldview (as cited in Walker 2004) “represents the lived realities of people” (p.…

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