Essay on The Abolitionist 's Stand On Slavery

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Equality: The Abolitionist’s Stand on Slavery After the formation of the United States of America’s government, the newly established country soon became separated on another issue. The issue of slavery weight heavily over the young country, causing conflict between two opposing groups: those who were pro-slavery and the abolitionists. While those who were considered pro-slavery felt that the act of slavery was within the boundaries of the law and was constitutional, those who opposed this idea were known as abolitionists. This group, through many different forms, fought for the rights of all men—including those who were enslaved—and justified the need to end slavery. Through their many appeals and public appearances, these men shared their views and their vision of what society would have been like without slavery. According to Fredrick Douglass, in terms of slavery around the world that “for revolting barbarity and shameless hypocrisy, America reigns without a rival” (Douglass, para. 48). Abolitionists argued that the rights set forth by the Constitution extended to those who were enslaved. In the eyes of those who opposed slavery, “the right to enjoy liberty is inalienable” (Garrison, 69); these men believed that the constitution was for every man, not just those who were white. With the coming of the Second Great Awakening, came new arguments against slavery. It is because of this movement, that religion entered into the opinions of pro-slavery and abolitionist…

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