The Abolition Of The Slave Trade Essay

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During the 19th century, much of Africa had been occupied by the British Empire. Society was changing and becoming more open to the abolishment of the slave trade. As the slave trade ended, the British still controlled many locations within Africa and established colonies. The British imposed their customs to try to “civilize” the Africans. For some Africans slavery still existed in areas not occupied by the British. Adult male slaves found it easier to liberate themselves. Many ran away from their masters, went to courts, or escaped to free locations the British controlled. This left African women as easy targets for slave holders. Women were being captured and sold into slavery after the British announced it was illegal. These women would be sold to powerful men and be put to work in homes or in palm oil plantations. Women in Africa struggled to achieve freedom and liberation. One woman would test the rules of society. Her name was Abina Mansah. Despite constant struggles and issues African women faced, Abina was able to challenge a society dominated by men and have her voice recorded down in history.
Abina Mansah was a young slave girl born in the Asante/Ashanti region of Africa. She had been a slave working on farms in the Asante providences. She was brought to the town of Saltpond, in the gold coast where she was sold by her former master to a man named Qamina Eddoo. Eddoo was a palm oil planter and owned many young slave girls. Abina was given to Eddoo’s sister Eccoah…

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