The Abolition Of The Insanity Defense Essay

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The abolishment of the insanity defense should not be taken into consideration. Many believe that the insanity defense does not really serve a good purpose in the criminal law. However, it is essential for defendants with mental illnesses. Four states already went through the process and abolished the plea. It is imperative for the rest of the states to reject the idea of getting rid of this defense. Rather than removing the insanity defense, the administration of it should be improved. There is criticism on how the insanity defense is administered. The level of difficulty proving the insanity of a person is also what makes others believe that the defense should be abolished. According to the article, Insanity Defense: Proposals for Reform, “some of the abolitionist sentiment among lawyers seems to be responsive to doubts about the competence--and, unfortunately, the ethics--of expert witnesses. The cry for abolition is also raised by psychiatrists and psychologists who believe that the law forces experts to take sides and to offer opinions on issues outside their sphere of expertise (Richard Bonnie).” It is important that the psychiatrists and psychologists, who are in charge of the mental evaluation, are doing what they are qualified to do. The mental evaluation is a major factor in the insanity do the proper administration for the mental exam is necessary. The psychiatrists and psychologists should not be forced into a matter they are not familiar with. The only…

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