The Abolition Of The Colonies Essay

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Now as I mentioned before, England was up to its neck in debt from Dutch and British banks, and England didn’t have enough income to pay it off. So why not tax the colonies? After all the war happened because of the colonies and it was all on colonial soil. It would keep the British people happy and no one thought it would matter much taxing the colonies more strictly. So the first Act the British government put into place was the Sugar Act of 1764 which put stricter taxes on the molasses and sugars that were imported through the colonies. The funny part is that there was a tax originally of six cents per gallon on these goods, but now it was cut down to three cents. The only difference was now the tax was actually enforced instead of the colonists just smuggling the goods in without anyone stopping them or even caring. Then right after this came the well known Stamp Act which pretty much was a tax on printed materials in the colonies where if you had printed material there needed to be an official British stamp on it and these British stamps of course had to be paid for. This is maybe the first act that can be seen to actually unite the colonists for a cause because obviously for powerful people such as lawyers and news paper printers who held a say in society, the tax cost them a lot of money because it was a part of their jobs. After that there was a Stamp Act congress that meet in New York to organize and boycotting of British goods and to protest the Acts. It is later…

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