The Abolition Of Slavery And The United States Of America Essay

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The abolition of slavery in the United States of America brought with it the need for ratification of state laws, as well as the mindset of the American people. Historically African-Americans have been thought of as being inferior to white-complexioned Americans. This disposition presented itself in social, economic, and political affairs throughout America. Following the slavery abolishment, states and their individual citizens looked for ways to recapitulate African-American’s inferiority with segregated public accommodations, as well as schooling systems. This gross injustice led to the African-American community petitioning the courts to reverse previous court rulings. The Supreme Court case Brown v. Board of Education reversed the Plessy v. Ferguson court decision, and brought an end to legal racial discrimination in public schools. The court decision led to the beginning of a civil rights movement and aided in the war against racial discrimination. In the year 1896 a Louisiana man by the name of Homer Plessy, aiding in the recourse for change, challenged the constitutionality of a Louisiana law which provided for separate railway carriages for White-Americans and African-Americans(McBride). This court case became infamous because of a landmark decision that further segregated America by allowing “separate but equal’’ legal accommodations for African-Americans. In a scholarly article Mark Rathbone explains that: The courts opinion left no doubt that the…

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