Essay on The Abolition Of Slavery After The End Of The Civil War

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Following the abolition of Slavery after the ending of the Civil War, surprisingly, there weren’t very many changes in the conditions of the black people. They were free but they were still looked at as inferior. After decades of being taught that they were inherently inferior to the whites, the law did not bring about changes because the white people still believed they were superior to the black people. All black people were now free. A lot of slaves moved North, where they could work on railroads, or as house cleaners or nannies or start their own business. A significant number began moving to the West, to become cowboys or settlers. However, they made laws against this. So a few went back to Africa. But the largest number of slaves stayed where they were, because they could not afford to move anywhere else because they had no money and no land of their own, and it was not easy to get hired into well paying positions with prejudice still in existence. So the easiest and most risk free thing to do was to stay with their master where they would work as share croppers. Share croppers were the people who looked after a farm throughout the year in place of the owner, in turn for which they received a share of the profits that they reaped. However, again, not much changed. They were free but they were still prejudiced against. There fewer whippings and they would not take away the children or husband away.

By 1910, due to improvement in technology and machinery the demand…

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